I design product & communication experiences that deliver on measurable business goals and also connect on a deep emotional level.

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Exploration and learning are key traits of both my personal and professional life. This has led me to hustling paths of startup, enthusiastic lanes of freelance and the systematic expressways of a big corporation in my professional life.


Startup life taught me how to take initiatives, team management & leadership, while Canadian Tire taught me the importance of collaboration & systematic way of working.

Let us see where life lead us next to.

There is nothing like an open conversation without any biases and assumptions. Openness allows one to adjust and be flexible. An open design system will allow flexibility for the creativity to flow while still maintaining the consistency of brand.


What makes the core of my communication and product design is openness, which allows one to touch someone's heart through a social media creative and helps in empathising and understanding user problems in product design.

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I find the the plots and storytelling of anime really unique and engaging. There won't be any top tier anime that I have not watched :D. These days I watch a lot of esports centered around Pubg Mobile.


I love spending time in nature and peaceful countryside. What can be better than a mid afternoon nap in the middle of a field, under apple trees; among birds, trees, dogs, wind and rivers.